God, Who Are You?

God, who are you?

Are you the God of my father

Who beats me, laughs at me?

Are you the god who touches little girls

In wrong places?

Are you the God that is so rigid,

So cold, so harsh?

I stand here confused

Wondering who you are,

I watch people that say they know you

Are you that type of God that holds people

At arms length?

That tells people to be silent?

Who are you God?

And then, I see the sun rise

In the morning,

I see it set in the evening,

I watch the colors dance in the rainbow

The waves lapping at the waters edge

I watch creatures in the water,

On the land,

I’m lost in this God of creation

I hold in one hand the harsh God

Of my father,

In the other the gentle God of creation

I’m drawn to that God

But still I wonder, “who are you?”

I shout at the sky and tell you

I don’t trust you.

I waited for your harshness

Expecting the wrath of God to fall

But, instead, peace,

Gentle peace

It invades my soul,

Now I see who you are

You are the God that invites me,

Everything about me

You invite my questions

My anger

My wrestling

My honesty

No pretending

Just me! All of me!

I feel your presence in the wind

As it cools my face,

I hear you in the quietness

I hear you in the thunder,

In the rain,

I bask in your sunlight

I hear you tell me

I know you my child

I created you

I have your back

I want you

All of you….

Here I am…

Shared by Permission of the Author

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