Confronting the Lies: A Statement from A Better Way

A Better Way is committed to continuing to partner with Safe Communities and our speakers to bring much needed awareness and information to Lancaster County.

A Better Way has faced an uphill battle in planning for the upcoming conference with Safe Communities in Lancaster Co, PA for April 29 and 30, 2022. In the time since we have announced this conference, three Mennonite venues have abruptly canceled on us.

A Better Way has been given the names of several specific individuals who have been calling our announced venues and trying to create concern about the conference being held in their space. Individuals are spreading deliberate, malicious falsehoods about our program, including that we want to steal Amish and “plain” children from their families, and turn them all “worldly”. Another baseless lie being spread is that we are bringing in a speaker to teach all the parents how to turn their children into lesbians. These lies are being spread widely throughout the Lancaster County area, especially in certain church groups.

Last year, A Better Way received a threat that “bad things are going to happen at your next seminar” from an individual. This event is the first one being held since that threat. We believe that in addition to some of these lies being spread by individuals whose unethical, harmful practices have been called out by A Better Way, the lies we are encountering may be connected to that threat. 

ABW does not bow to abusers and enablers. There may be criminal and/or civil consequences for these individuals. 

We always take certain specific safety precautions at our events. One of those is that we have law enforcement present. There are other measures that may be less obvious, but still exist. As a result, we anticipate a wonderful time of fellowship and rich connections. Our events offer a safe, supportive space to connect with professionals in a variety of fields, as well as to network with those who care about protecting children. 

A Better Way is committed to continuing to partner with Safe Communities and our speakers to bring this much needed awareness and information to Lancaster County. We do not fight for ourselves or our reputation, but for the innocent children and the vulnerable who need to be protected. We fight on for the survivors. We know abuse needs to end, and we are fully committed to doing what needs to be done to help accomplish that.

This event will be held at Forest Hills Mennonite Church, 100 Quarry Road, Leola, PA on April 29 and 30th.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact A Better Way or Safe Communities. To register, please see our website,

A big thank you to all who have been involved in helping us navigate the challenges the malicious interference has brought. We are so grateful that we never stand alone in this important work.

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