“What Were You Wearing” Clothing Project – Video

A year ago, we unveiled the “What Were You Wearing?” clothing exhibit, featuring outfits from 13 sexual assault survivors from plain-dressing backgrounds.

Today, we’d like to share the video version of this display. Trigger warning that this may be disturbing/triggering for discussion of sexual abuse.

Photography by Daniel Horst Photography

2 replies on ““What Were You Wearing” Clothing Project – Video”

I think it is great to stop the abuse of girls BUT since women and men abuse male children at staggeringly high rates TOO and since female sex offenders are both prevalent and denied both inside and outside of secretive Anabaptist cults, it’s extremely sexist to feature JUST dresses of girls presumably raped or molested by Plain men. Female sex offenders love to rape and molest GIRLS too but we will never know about female sex/child sex offenders unless organizations like address the cultural denial of female sex offenders: https://www.amazon.com/Perspectives-Female-Sex-Offending-Culture/dp/1138250007 and acknowledge the very high rates of female sex offending: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sexual-victimization-by-women-is-more-common-than-previously-known/. If you happily oppose father-daughter rape/incest you also need to give mother-son/daughter rape/incest survivors their due too: https://www.drmiletski.com/MSI_prolog.php because both men, boys, and girls get no support when their predator is a female sex offender. Instead male (and female) survivors get double raped academically, professionally, and socially by traditional gynocentrists and by the feminist gender bigots who currently control our vile Vagina MONO-logue driven C*nt cult-ure.

A truly better way involves PROTECTING EVERYONE, calling out female forms of child sex offending (which often involved covert as well as overt rape/incest), and demanding that female sex offenders enjoy truly EQUAL treatment under the law…rather that the grossly gynocentrist double standards that currently allow them to commit hellish child sex crimes with much more impunity than their male counterparts enjoy. To pretend that Plain women are not predators just because they can hide under the radar of the covert control that underlies the overt patriarchal power in Plain cults and the wider philo-psycho-social-professional-political-legal denial of female sexual evil is to do a great injustice to the men , the boys, and the girls who are survivors of Plain but perverted female sexual offenders. We deserve better than the usual self-serving gynocentrist or feminist double standards from those who purport to bring us all a better way.

We do, in fact, feature the outfit of a male survivor of abuse as well–a twelve-year-old boy. We did not cherry-pick the outfits shown in this exhibit; we asked survivors to provide us with descriptions, and this is what we got. In no way is this exhibit meant to provide a statistically-accurate cross-section of those abused in Plain communities.

Additionally, while men and boys are usually held to some level of regulations on their clothing, females are the ones typically told to dress modestly so that men don’t lust after them. Part of the message of this exhibit is that abusers will lust after their victims, regardless of what the victim was wearing.

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