A Good Counselor


  • Discuss the rights and responsibilities of the counseling relationship and allow you to choose whether you want them to be your counselor.
  • Explain what their qualifications are – and are not.
  • Work with you to determine what you want to accomplish and how you will get there.
  • Consult with peers and/or have accountability for their actions. Licensed counselors are accountable to their licensing board. If your counselor is not licensed, ask who their supervising agency is.
  • Recognize where their expertise ends and recommend someone who can help.
  • Behave in a professional manner.
  • Be respectful of other counselors.

Will NOT

  • Exploit a client.
  • Make promises about how their counseling will work.
  • Have a formula or easy fix for your problem.
  • Share what you have told them with others without talking to you about it first (or without sound ethical or legal justification.)
  • Express interest in or enter a romantic or sexual relationship with a client, nor will they counsel someone with whom they have had such a relationship.
  • Hug or touch, usually, and certainly not without permission. 

Counselors in Ohio

Crystal Sayre, MA, LPC

Based at Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions (Guernsey, Co. Ohio)

Phone: 1-855-692-7247  Ext: 132

Spring Haven (Locations in Holmes and Wayne Co. Ohio)

Phone: 330-927-2020

Restorative Pathways

(Muskingum Co. Ohio)

Phone: 740-214-6443

The House of Samuel

(Guernsey Co. Ohio)

Phone: 740-439-5634