Changing the Culture Clothing Project

Why Do We Need the Clothing Project?

The purpose of the Clothing Project is not to discourage modesty or to belittle those who choose to dress conservatively. The Clothing Project graphically and viscerally demonstrates that modesty does not protect people from sexual assault.

In the News

“What Were You Wearing” Project in the News

On April 29th, 2022, we debuted the ”What Were You Wearing: Plain People’s Edition” clothing project. A collaboration between Hope Anne Dueck of A Better Way, Mary Byler of The Misfit Amish, and Ruth Ann Brubaker, the display showcases actual items or exact replicas of clothing worn by Plain survivors at the time of their assault. Peter Smith of the Associated Press covered the project in a news article entitled “What they wore: Clothes spotlight…

Personal Accounts

“What Were You Wearing?” Plain Dressing People’s Edition

Hope Anne Dueck, Mary Byler, and Ruth Ann Brubaker have been working to create a unique and impactful art display. It will be composed of actual items and near-to-real-life replications of clothing worn by “plain” background survivors at the time of their assault/abuse.