Supporting Victims

Is it Verbal Porn?

You do not need specific and/or graphic details to support a survivor. It is, in fact, extremely harmful to the survivor and could even indicate something very toxic about you. Some professionals refer to it as “verbal porn”.


Q & A: Are Your Seminars Intended for Survivors?

We are well aware that we are likely to have those in attendance who are survivors of sexual abuse and assault.
Because of that, we always try to make even our general public events be survivor friendly in a variety of ways.

Reporting Abuse

Should I Report It?

Sometimes people are uncertain about specifics of reporting. It’s important that we direct those seeking help to the actual laws of their State, while encouraging everyone to be a moral reporter.


Beware of the Gurus

Abuse of any kind can and often does damage the brain in documentable ways. There are trained counselors who understand how to gently work with a person to bring help and hope to them. Self-appointed gurus and/or counseling centers are NOT those people or places.

Personal Accounts

God, Who Are You?

God, who are you? Are you the God of my father Who beats me, laughs at me? Are you the god who touches little girls In wrong places? Are you the God that is so rigid, So cold, so harsh? I stand here confused Wondering who you are, I watch people that say they know you Are you that type of God that holds people At arms length? That tells people to be silent? Who…